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Project consists of furnishing all materials, equipment and labor necessary for the construction of additions and improvements to the existing septage and grease receiving station at the City of Cayce, S.C. Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility. The project includes but is not necessarily limited to structures, equipment, site work, yard piping, valves, mechanical piping, electrical and appurtenances all associated with the following parts of the project: The addition of a second truck receiving bay and associated septage/oil/grease receiving equipment and controls; removal of septage/oil/grease receiving equipment and controls in existing receiving bay and replacement with new septage/oil/grease receiving equipment and controls; modifications to existing concrete and piping in existing receiving bay to accommodate new equipment; new septage/oil/grease holding tank and associated mixing equipment; septage/oil/grease transfer pump station for new holding tank; addition of second belt filter press and associated polymer feed system and accessories; expansion of existing belt press building to accommodate new belt filter press; conveyor system for new belt filter press; replacement conveyor system for existing belt filter press; modifications to existing SCADA system to accommodate new equipment; and all necessary appurtenances as specified and depicted in the Contract Documents. 04-06-2021 Download

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