Our field surveying methods and techniques used to gather the survey data have been developed to adapt to the latest advances in technology and meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Conventional and robotic total stations and VRS capable GPS receivers give our survey crews the flexibility to quickly and accurately adjust to changing survey conditions. From small lot surveys to expansive solar farm sites, our survey crews start every project with the information, tools and experience to accurately and successfully execute the survey plan and complete the project to our clients’ satisfaction.



As-Built Surveys

Boundary/Site Surveys

Construction Staking and Layout

FEMA Elevation Certificates

Easement & Right of Way Acquisition

Landfill Surveys

Pond/Dam Topographic Surveys

Property Legal Descriptions

Geodetic/Global Positioning System Surveys

Horizontal/Vertical Control Surveys

Loan & Mortgage Closing Surveys

Property Subdivision Surveys

Residential and Commercial Site Surveys

Roadway & Utility Alignment Surveys

Route Surveys

Tree Surveys

Topographic Surveys

Wetland Surveys


City of Columbia Survey

Project involved approximately 70,000 LF of surveying, locating the limits of the easement area boundary over selected gravity pipelines. The project consists of researching and gathering deeds of record for the horizontal location of the sanitary sewer force main easement boundary; field locate and monument the sanitary sewer force main easement boundary associated with designated force mains; and develop a plat showing location of monuments set to delineate the force main easement boundary.

Chapin Force Main Route Survey

Route, boundary, as-built and topographic surveying services were provided to the Town to aid in the design and construction of a new sanitary sewer force main line. This route covered over 3 miles along 3 different roads. More than 35 private easement maps were also prepared as part of this contract.

USC Innovista Proposed Phasing Plan Survey

As-built and topographic surveys for the University of South Carolina on multiple parcels in support of the planning, design, and construction of privatized student housing and parking development projects. The scope included the location of all existing improvements, trees, landscaping and utilities, and to prepare a formal report outlining zoning requirements and existing utility infrastructure to assist in the design phase and planning of these projects.

Savannah River Site Survey

AEC began working on this project for DN Tanks in December 2018 to aid in the construction of a 32,000,000 gallon low level nuclear waste storage tank at the Savannah River Site. Services provided for this project include: establish and verify site survey controls, construction staking, as-built surveys, topographic surveys and preparation of as-built plats for review by Savannah River Site. Next tank project due to begin in June 2020.

Ten Solar Sites, Community Energy Solar

Surveying services for ten (10) solar farm sites, including boundary, as-built, route and ALTA/NSPS surveys on ten individual parcels totaling over 1,280 acres in Calhoun County, South Carolina. Road and utility transmission line rights-of-way were identified in the preliminary phases of this project. Boundary, as-built, and ALTA/NSPS surveys were then performed on the lease portions of these parcels to aid in the design and development of a 72 megawatt solar farm.

Richland County Blythewood Boundary Survey

Performed ALTA boundary surveys on 20 individual tracts totaling over 1,350 acres in Blythewood, SC. Surveys were used as part of the planning and development of a new industrial park. Utilities, roadways, and improvements were mapped on all tracts. These boundary surveys were then consolidated into one master parcel for development purposes.


“AEC stepped up to the plate and provided excellent service….We were very pleased that AEC went above and beyond to have adequate resources available to us, and they were always willing to accommodate our schedule.” – Eric Swift, DN Tanks

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