American Engineering Consultants is a proven leader in developing effective and efficient solutions for water management, from storage to treatment to distribution. This begins with a healthy respect for our environment and natural resources, balancing the needs of conservation with the benefits of progress.


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Booster Pump Stations

Corrosion Control Studies

Hydraulic Modeling

Instrumentation, Controls & SCADA Systems

Storage & Distribution Systems

Water Chemistry & Balancing

Design and Upgrade of Water Treatment Facilities

Development of Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Evaluations of Existing Treatment Systems

Master Planning

Plant Start-Up and Troubleshooting Services

Regulatory Compliance

Standard Operating Procedures

Residuals Management / Handling/Disposal

Rate Studies


The Avenues, Broadacres, North Frink Street, and Edenwood Water Line Replacement

Design and Construction oversight for the replacement of 262,000 LF (50 miles) of existing water lines, including the replacement of the existing Glenn Street Elevated Water Tank with a new 1M Gallon elevated water tank. 1. This project has received three separate awards: the 2020 ACEC Engineering Excellence Award, the 2019 Municipal Association Public Works Achievement Award for the City of Cayce, and the 2018 Tnemec Tank of the Year People’s Choice Award.

22.5-MGD Lake Murray Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Due to rapid growth, the plant needed to be expanded to a treatment capacity from 13.5 MGD to 22.5 MGD. Design included upgrade of the raw water pump facility, new carbon feed system, raw water metering vault, flash mix reactor, two 4.5 MGD process trains, upgrades to the waste handling facilities, expansion of the pipe gallery building, high service water line, new on-site 2000 lbs./day hypochlorous acid generation system, a new clearwell, a new high service pump station, and upgrade of existing feed system. A significant accomplishment of the project was the replacement of the gaseous chlorine as the primary disinfectant with a non-hazardous hypochlorous acid generation system.

Stanley L Goodwin Water Treatment Plant

Design of a new 2.5 million gallon clearwell; two 350,000 gallon Chlorine Contact Tanks, a new high service pump station, two upflow solids contact clarifiers, a new sludge thickener, a new sludge pump station, and new filters for a total treatment capacity of 9.6 MGD. AEC was awarded the ACEC Palmetto Award, CESC Grand Award, and ACEC National Recognition Award for this project.

Saluda Gardens Water System Improvements

Installation of approximately 46,000 LF of new 8-inch, 6-inch, 4-inch, and 2-inch water mains, 45 fire hydrant assemblies, and associated appurtenances in the City of West Columbia. Services include hydraulic modeling and analysis of the water system, sub-surface exploration, wetland studies, surveying, easement acquisition, bid management, construction management and observation.

Highway 378 Water Main Connector

Surveying, design, permitting, bidding, contract administration, and construction observation services for approximately 10,000 LF of new 24-Inch water main including water line, hydrants, valves, boring, repair and replacement of driveways and roads for JMWSC.

Lancaster CDBG Waterline Replacement

Preliminary engineering, design, permitting, bidding, contract award, contract administration, construction observation services, and erosion control inspections for the proposed installation of approximately 5,059 linear feet of 6-inch water main, valves, hydrants, services, and all other necessary appurtenances in the City of Lancaster. This project is funded through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Jungle Shores Drive Waterline Extension

Design of approximately 4,425 LF of 6 Inch PVC Water Main, 40 LF of 2 Inch PVC water main, gate valves, fire hydrant assemblies, fittings, services and all other appurtenances for Edisto Beach.

Jefferson Davis Academy Subdivision Waterline Replacement

Installation of approximately 71 LF of 8-inch PVC waterline, 7,126 LF of 6-inch PVC waterline, 160 LF of 2-inch PVC waterline, gate valves, fire hydrant assemblies, air release valves, fittings, services, and all other necessary appurtenances. This project is funded through the RIA (Rural Infrastructure Authority grant program.


“We are very pleased with the services of American Engineering Consultants, Inc. From the start they have provided excellent, professional service on this project, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.” – Inell Waring, Blackville Town Clerk

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